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3150 18th St, suite #214
San Francisco, CA, 94110
United States

(415) 821-9622

Tex's AUTHENTIC TATTOO is a private, custom tattoo studio located in the Mission district of San Francisco. Tex has been tattooing in San Francisco for over 20 years.  She is also a painter. She brings this passion for art as well as her considerable tattooing experience to every project. 



Authentic Tattoo is located in a beautiful and relaxed studio in San Francisco. It is an ideal environment for tattooing, and clients will have their pieces designed specifically for them.  Please get in touch to schedule a consultation.

Tex opened Authentic Tattoo originally as a private studio in an effort to create the ideal work environment for her own practice: An art-centered, beautiful space for creativity, study, and growth, where both clients and artist feel nourished. But as time passed and she found like-minded artists, the need arose for a bigger, more public location. She opened the Church Street shop in 2017 and it has grown into a vibrant artistic space. 


OPEN HOURS: Wed-Sat, Noon-6pm








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